Want to know what makes WonderSmile so wonderful? With our clear aligners, you’ll see results in an average of 6 months. What are you waiting for? Learn more!

Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Teeth straightening doesn’t have to cost or hurt as much as wired braces. Utilising the latest in tele-dentistry, we’ve created a cost-effective alternative that’s designed and directed by orthodontic experts. Here we compare braces to clear aligners.

Convenience without compromise

  • Don’t pay up to $6,000 for braces.
  • Pay $2,490 - for clear aligners.
  • Receive expert care from our team of orthodontists.
  • Access our customer care team 7 days a week.
  • Achieve results backed by our Treatment Guarantee.
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Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are:


Wondersmile’s clear aligners apply gentle pressure to teeth in a more comfortable way than braces.


People won’t know you’re wearing them. Remove aligners discreetly for meals and snacks.


With our clear aligners, you’ll see results in an average of 6 months.


Technology has created convenience and affordability. Our clear aligners cost up to 60% less than traditional braces.

The Wondersmile Difference

Benefits Braces
See results in 6-9 months
Pay $2,490 not $6,000
No monthly clinic visits
Payment plans with WonderPay^
Treatment remotely monitored by orthodonists
Care team support 7 days a week
3D digital preview of results
Invisible and removable
Treatment Guarantee**

As an experienced orthodontist, I've witnessed the incredible smile transformations in my patients who have opted for a completely virtual treatment plan with clear aligners.

Dr. Tania Aguilar  |  Lead Orthodontist
Dr. Tania Aguilar
Lead Orthodontist

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