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How it works

1. Make an impression

Follow the short tutorial to make 2 sets of impressions with feedback from our team after your first set.

2. Get aligners delivered

Our orthodontists use your impressions to design your custom-made treatment plan then we'll deliver your aligners to you.

3. Keep smiling

Simply change your aligners every 2-3 weeks, as directed, and start seeing results in as little as 6 months.

Your Impression Kit Includes
  • Easy-to-follow instruction booklet
  • Clear and helpful video tutorial link
  • Impression trays, moulding putty and gloves
  • Smile stretcher to take photos of your teeth
  • Free return shipping of your impressions

Make the best impressions

For a smooth and easy process, watch our tutorial video. Our customer care team is available 7 days a week to assist you every step of the way.

Impression Kit refund guarantee

This first step is commitment free. Our aligners may not be suitable for everyone. That's why we'll refund the cost of your Impression Kit.

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Impression Kit FAQs

Our Impression Kit contains all the essential things you need to create dental impressions of your teeth. The benefit of choosing Wondersmile aligners instead of braces is that there are no clinic visits. The Impression Kit is how we are able to see what your teeth are like so our orthodontists can create your invisible aligner treatment plan.
Whether you book an appointment with us or order an impression kit, your aligner treatment will be the same. The only difference is if you order an impression kit, you won’t need to visit a Wondersmile clinic. It’s the option to choose if you want to get started from home.
Simply order your Impression Kit and we’ll deliver it straight to your door. Inside your kit there will be a guide with step by step instructions on how to make your impressions. Once you have completed your impressions, send all 4 moulds back to us. Shipping it back to us is free. We’ll also provide links to tutorials on how to make the best impression of your teeth and our customer service team is available 7 days a week to address any questions.
For most of the districts in Hong Kong, all impression returns are FREE!
Please ensure you follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Pack your four completed impressions into its original packaging and fill our your details on the back of the box.
Step 2: Place the box into the provided black envelope and seal it closed.
Step 3: Call +85236696320 for the prepaid courier pick up service. Please indicate “Wondersmile Pick-up” and the ECS no. on the label, i.e ECS12345678.
Step 4: Drop the parcel off at your apartment lobby/reception for the courier to pick up. Ensure you attach the pre-paid return label to the parcel.
Due to covid-19, for the safety of our customers and courier team, deliver-to-door service will not be available for non-commercial addresses.
Each mould needs to be on your teeth for at least 3 ½ minutes before removing it gently in a see-saw motion. It is important that you read the instructions a few times before starting your impressions; make sure that you allocate enough time before starting. You can also watch the tutorial video that’ll take you through the whole process.
Start with the top arch and then move onto the bottom arch. Once you have completed your first set, take photos of the moulds and send them to us at [email protected] then wait until we get back to you before starting your second set.We’ll provide you with any tips or feedback on your first set to ensure that your second set is perfect.
After you send us photos of your first set, we will review your moulds and let you know if you need to change anything for your second set. The important thing to know is that we’ll be with you every step, to help you make great impressions of your teeth.
Each tooth impression needs to be clean and visible. Our orthodontists need clear impressions so they can design your aligner treatment plan. It has to be perfect, so you get results that you’ll love. For each impression ensure that: the putty is fully mixed; the impression is a single print; the molars are captured; and that the gumline is present.
The putty wasn’t mixed in properly, the impression was too shallow, the tray was dragged out of the mouth or the putty dried out before the impression was made.
We scan your moulds and send them off to our orthodontics team who will review your moulds and determine your eligibility. If successful, our orthodontics team will design your personalised treatment plan and we will send it to you via email.
If you are eligible for Wondersmile invisible aligners and proceed with undergoing treatment, we will deduct the cost of your kit from the total cost of your treatment.
Yes! If you aren’t eligible for invisible aligners, we will refund your cost of your Impression Kit.

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