Teeth straightening and Aligners can be complicated. But not at Wondersmile. We've made it easy and affordable. Check out our website or call us to book in!

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Night Time Aligners

For people who want their teeth straightened as discreetly as possible.
NightClear Aligners

Multitask at night with our convenient and easy nighttime clear braces treatment plan.

Wear-time 10 Hours
Cost HK$17,600
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Why NightClear Aligners?

1. Convenience
2. Treatment Guarantee
3. Orthodontist Designed
Straighten your teeth while you sleep.
Our NightClear aligners are a more discreet way to fix gaps, crowding and crooked teeth. With the added benefit of no daytime wear.
Straighten your teeth while you sleep.<br>Our NightClear aligners are a more discreet way to fix gaps, crowding and crooked teeth. With the added benefit of no daytime wear.
When your treatment ends, our commitment doesn’t. We cover any undesired movement of your teeth once treatment has been completed for no additional cost.*
Your teeth are in expert hands. Led by Dr. Tania Aguilar, our team of orthodontists designs and directs your clear aligner treatment plan from beginning to end.

What to expect

10-hour wear time

You’ll only need to wear your aligners for a total of 10 hours per night.

9-10 month treatment time

Achieve results in an average of 9 to 10 months.

A confidence boost

Smile more. A tiny tweak can have the biggest impact.

See what people are smiling about

It’s simple and easy to get started

Teeth straightening can be complicated. We've made it easy and affordable. Choose from two clear braces options to get started.

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All-Day and NightClear FAQs

Compared to braces, invisible aligners are an effective and affordable way to straighten your teeth. Each set is custom-made for your teeth to ensure optimum results. Our aligner kits consist of a series of 14-18 aligners on average. Each set is slightly different and progressively moves your teeth a tiny distance at a time.
With Wondersmile, you can choose from two options, All-Day aligners and NightClear aligners. Our All-Day aligners require more wear-time (20-22 hours per day), however you’ll see faster results (6 months on average). Compared with our NightClear aligners that’ll deliver results in 9 months on average.
Our clear aligners are prescribed by our orthodontics team and arrive as a complete set to your doorstep. Focusing only on the front 6 teeth of both upper and or lower arch, each set contains a series of individual aligners, designed to make minor adjustments over time. This procedure is carefully designed by our Wondersmile orthodontics team, who review each case. Each customer case is completely personalised and the average treatment plan is between 6-9 months.
Take our free and easy one-minute assessment to find out if your teeth are ideal candidates for our invisible aligners .
Our Wondersmile orthodontists will assess each customer on a case-by-case basis and will advise whether you are eligible for our clear aligners.

For any customers who have had teeth removed, we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after having any teeth removed. Customers who would like to begin earlier, should seek advice from their dentist beforehand.
Our aligners are made from BPA-free plastic, which will not irritate your gums unlike traditional braces. They are also free of phthalates, made in the US and Germany and FDA approved.
Compared to our All-Day aligners, our NightClear aligners only need to be worn at night, so you can straighten your teeth as you sleep. You won’t have to worry about taking your aligners off throughout the day when you eat or drink, and this option is even more discreet if you prefer to straighten your teeth only at home.
Absolutely! All of our invisible aligner options are orthodontist-designed specifically to your needs. The end result will be the same. The only differences are the amount of aligner wear-time, treatment length and cost.
NightClear invisible aligners are worn for 10 hours each night, whereas All-Day aligners need to be worn for 22-hours throughout the day.
The trade-off of wearing NightClear aligners for less time every day is that the duration of treatment is usually longer. With NightClear aligners, you can expect to see results in an average of 9 months versus an average of 6 months for All-Day aligners.
NightClear aligners are priced at HK$17,600 which is slightly more than All-Day (HK$16,600).
NightClear aligners use a thicker resin as part of manufacturing. This allows aligners to safely align teeth while the body is resting.
It's important that you choose carefully when selecting your treatment plan type. Our All-day and NightClear aligners can vary in treatment length, process and cost. This makes it difficult to change midway through without impacting your Wondersmile journey and possibly disrupting treatment. However, our team, supported by our orthodontic and dental team, will be able to advise you on our aligner treatment options and answer any questions you have to ensure you make the right choice for you and your teeth.

If you do have any issues, please contact our support team so we can discuss your options.
There will be some getting used to wearing aligners at the start of treatment, but this won’t take long and will feel comfortable in no time. The best part – you’ll be multitasking while you sleep and most of the hard work happens while you’re dreaming.
The good news is you can get your teeth straightened at any age. At Wondersmile, we strive to ensure that you get the best care and the best results for your teeth alignment and our orthodontists take age into consideration when designing treatment plans.

As we get older our teeth can move at a much faster rate, so we do have age guidelines for our NightClear aligners. If you would like to improve your smile and overall oral health with nighttime aligners, we encourage you to discuss your options and eligibility with our customer care team.