WonderSmile Invisible Aligners

Our invisible aligners are just that! They’re almost impossible to spot unless you look very closely. WonderSmile invisible aligners are orthodontist-designed and custom built specifically for your teeth, so that it is the perfect fit for you. The aligners steadily move and shift your teeth over time, giving you something to smile about!
Our clear aligners are prescribed by our orthodontics team and arrive as a complete set to your doorstep. Focusing only on the front 6 teeth of both upper and or lower arch, each set contains a series of individual aligners, designed to make minor adjustments over time. This procedure is carefully designed by our WonderSmile orthodontics team, who review each case. Each customer case is completely personalised and the average treatment plan is between 6-9 months.
We don’t discriminate! Our WonderSmile orthodontists will assess each customer on a case by case basis and will advise whether a customer is eligible for WonderSmile clear aligners.
For any customers who have had teeth removed, we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after having any teeth removed. Customers who would like to begin earlier, should seek advice from their dentist beforehand.
Our aligners are made from BPA free plastic, which will not irritate your gums unlike traditional braces.

WonderSmile Clinic Stores

This is where the magic happens, using our state of the art technology! At your first and only visit to one of our WonderSmile clinics, a WonderSmile consultant will take a 3D scan of your teeth which is comfortable and pain free. These scans are then assessed by our orthodontics team, who will prescribe a treatment plan specific to you. That’s the last time you’ll ever need to visit a WonderSmile clinic, saving you endless and costly visits to the dentist!
Our WonderSmile clinics are located all across the world. Please see our available Locations
Standing us up are you? That's ok, just give us a call on +852 5801 4182 so we can reschedule you. Unfortunately if you are more than 15min late and there's another appointment, we may reschedule you.
Our state of the art scanners use the latest camera technology to take thousands of pictures per second, stitching together a 3D view of your teeth. This enables our orthodontics team to work with accuracy, precision and ease.
A Smile Care Consultant, who are professionally trained to use our technology. We adhere to strictly high standards of hygiene and we will always ensure a comfortable and painless experience for when you visit our WonderSmile Clinic Stores.

NightClear FAQs

Compared to our All-Day aligners, our NightClear aligners only need to be worn at night, so you can straighten your teeth as you sleep. You won’t have to worry about taking your aligners off throughout the day when you eat or drink, and this option is even more discreet if you prefer to straighten your teeth only at home.
Absolutely! All of our invisible aligner options are Orthodontist-designed specifically to your needs. The end result will be the same. The only difference is the amount of aligner wear-time and treatment length.
NightClear invisible aligners are worn for 10 hours each night, whereas All-Day aligners need to be worn for 22-hours throughout the day.
The trade-off of wearing NightClear aligners for less time every day is that the duration of treatment is usually longer. With NightClear aligners, you can expect to see results in an average of 9 months versus an average of 6 months for All-Day aligners.
NightClear aligners are priced at HK$14,890 which is slightly more than All-Day (HK$14,490).
Nightclear aligners uses a thicker resin as part of manufacturing. This allows aligners to safely align teeth while the body is resting.
There will be some getting used to wearing aligners at the start of treatment, but this won’t take long and will feel comfortable in no time. The best part – you’ll be asleep for most of it whilst your teeth straighten and shift to give you the smile of your dreams!

Treatment Procedure

All patient treatment plans are assessed, designed and reviewed by our qualified dental and orthodontics team, so you’re in safe hands!
That’s the beauty of our technology. Before you even start the treatment, you will receive a 3D simulation video of how your teeth will shift over time, at each aligner stage. We like to keep things transparent and clear upfront.. pun intended. If you have any questions regarding your prescribed treatment plan, just call our Customer Care team at +852 5801 4182 or email [email protected]
Everyone is different, some will be shorter or longer than others. The average time is between 6 to 9 months. It just depends on the complexity of your correction and what our orthodontists prescribe to ensure safe and comfortable results.
Our orthodontist will assess your case and determine the optimum solution for you. If it turns out that you only need one arch, we’ll also reduce the price by HK$2,600。
To suit the different lifestyles of our patients, we like to give our patients the choice: All Day Aligners - we recommend you wear for 20-22 hours per day, taking them out for eating and drinking. Night Clear Aligners - we recommend you wear them for 8-10 hours whilst you sleep.
The 3D scan definitely does not! With our aligners, some customers may find some tightness in the first few days of a new aligner but that’s perfectly normal, that just shows the aligners are getting to work! It should ease off in a few days. In any case, our team are only a phone call away to help.
None! You only need to visit us to conduct your scan, after that, we review your progress remotely and can organise a visit if you need but that’s very rare! You can have your Saturday brunches back.
The best thing to do is wear your old aligner from the previous stage. We can get a replacement made for HK$300 but it’ll take time to produce and send to you. In most cases, customers can just pop in the previous set or even progress forward one stage earlier
Love your new smile? Want to keep it? Just like braces, we organise retainers made just for you, for HK$490. We recommend you replace your retainers every 6 months
Just sign into your online profile and it will show when you should be moving to the next stage. We’ll also send you reminders so there’s less chance you’ll forget
No, at this stage WonderSmile does not provide any additional dental procedures in our clinics.
WonderSmile is designed for mild to moderate teeth crowding. Some customers experience an improvement to their bite when teeth are moving, but this isn't what they are specifically designed for. Once our orthodontists design your treatment plan, you will be able to see the movement and what can be achieved.
We consider each case individually, please call our Customer Care team on +852 5801 4182 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss this with you.


It’s all here on our pricing page There’s also some payment plan options to make it even more affordable.
We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and American Express). We also provide monthly payment options, check it out here.
No, our coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Wondersmile will honour a valid coupon that provides you with the highest discount.
No, for simplicity, WonderSmile prices are set uniform no matter how many stages you need for treatment.

Other frequently asked questions

12 years and above with all their adult teeth. Anyone under 18 will need parental consent
Right now WonderSmile only services Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.